Water Control and Flood Defence

Since developing as a business, we have successfully delivered many projects which involve working within water. We have a wealth of plant and equipment which allows us to successfully deliver schemes to the highest level.

Our equipment includes:

Aquadams - Water filled dams successfully used to hold back water in such locations as Tarr Steps and the Moorlands flooding. As a company we currently hold over 50m of Dam which can be deployed quickly.

Scaffold Dams: Installed by highly experienced staff our teams can install scaffold dams with membranes to minimise water entering the works area.

Flumes: Ranging from 100mm to 600mm diameter pipes our teams can successfully flume rivers to allow inspection works or repairs to be carried out without the need of large overpumping requirements.

Overpumping: Ranging from 2inch to 12inch pumps Crestmoor has a vast range of pumps to meet your needs.

Our services include:

Highly experienced teams to carry out installations of any of the above

Qualified Mechanics for call out services

Pre- Construction assistance to develop drawings and plans for local authority consent (EA, LLFA, IDB etc.)

Assessing and designing flood control measures for flood risk areas.

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